WSIB Analysis and Claims Management

In Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) processes around 350,000 claims annually. Of those claims, an estimated 140,000 involves adjudication for compensation and benefits related to loss of earnings. How does this affect you and your bottom line?

Your premiums will be significantly impacted with every WSIB Claim. The average cost of a lost time claim is about $11,000.00 in direct WSIB charges, not to mention indirect costs incurred by the employer. Furthermore, now you have to put time aside in determining how you’ll increase revenue to recuperate the costs of one WSIB claim. Quite the price!

We provide a comprehensive claims management program that is designed to reduce and control these costs. In addition, we provide training for Managers and Supervisors on how to manage a claim from the day an accident occurs until the employee returns to their regular duties. Based on your company’s history of work related injuries, we offer a full analysis and solutions to reduce costly accidents.