HR Enable Inc. develops customized, affordable solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Today’s labour laws can be complex, as are the ongoing changes made to provincial and federal laws. The risk of costly litigation increases if you don’t have the time and resources to implement policies, programs, and procedures that ensure legal compliance, promotes employee awareness and retention, and enable your business to operate with minimal disruption.

Consider constant changes such as with the recent introduction of Bill 168 which mandates all employers to implement a program that addresses the prevention of violence in the workplace. A business that isn’t aware of its HR responsibilities and is not compliant is headed for trouble.

When done correctly, HR compliance will provide a clear process to manage your business’ HR functions while significantly reducing your liability risks.

HR Enable Inc. customizes systems specific to our client’s needs and industry expectations. We accomplish this through auditing then designing programs that fit the organizational culture.

HR Enable Inc. guides managers towards the design and implementation of various solutions.

• Human resources policies
• WSIB analysis & claims management
• Health & safety training
• Anti-harassment & prevention of violence in the workplace
• Employee orientation & on-boarding
• Employee handbooks
• Group benefit plans
• Best practices
• Recruitment & retention guidelines
• Performance management systems

Is there anything else we can help you with? Just ask. Our team is resourceful, and would be happy to make suggestions.