Q&A: COVID-19 Workplaces in Small and Midsize Businesses

This week, I got the chance to interview Human Resources Professional and licensed Paralegal Samina Sial. I met Samina through the Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), and found out that she focuses on an area of law that is very close to my heart, employment relations. We had a very productive conversation and she...

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Workplace health, safety, privacy, refusal and COVID 19

Written by Paralegal Samina Sial and Employment and Labour Lawyer Antonio F. Urdaneta   Businesses may be struggling with managing workers’ expectations. Some of them may not feel comfortable with giving employers medical, family and travel information.  Businesses may argue that they need this information to fulfil their obligation under health...

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Employers Legal Obligations

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, employers are obligated by law to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  The Ministry of Labour enforces these regulations and has the authority for the following: Inspect: Ask any employee questions and review documents (Payroll and Training records; Inspect Records etc); Inspect equipment....

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Bill 168: Violence In The Workplace

How It Impacts You As An Employer Violence in the workplace is not a new phenomenon and occurs more frequently than one would imagine. Most employers cannot envision violence affecting their organization, yet the most recent statistics show that 17% of violent incidents occur in the workplace. There have been several high profile cases where...

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Managing Employee Records

Employee information such as Social Security numbers, confidential health information, birth dates, even marital status is all information that should be protected. Keeping comprehensive and thorough records is an important aspect of any business and knowing how to store and manage employee files is critical. The following items are recommended...

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Health & Safety Inspections

Workplace inspections help prevent injuries and identify to record hazards.  Corrective actions should be taken to minimize the risk of injuries.  Workplace inspections should be a very important part of every Occupational Health & Safety Program. The purpose of inspections is to allow employers to listen to the concerns of workers and...

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