Training for Occupational Health and Safety Awareness

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to develop health and safety policies, as well as training practices to communicate these policies to employees. Effective training empowers employees to build and maintain a safe and healthy work environment that truly reflects the policy behind them. 

Positive side effects often follow from increased employee well-being.  Fewer accidents increases both morale and efficiency, as well reduces short-term costs associated with the incident itself.

HR Enable offers both on-site and online training for employees and supervisors, customized to your industry and the nature of the work performed. Our training covers:

  • Health and Safety. Employers must provide basic occupational health and safety awareness training for both employees and supervisors, which covers common hazards, the rights and duties of employees, the duties of supervisors and employees, and more.
  • Harassment and Discrimination. Employers need to specify how workers can identify harassment and the procedures in place to investigate alleged incidents. This also includes how details will be kept confidential. Supervisors may need additional training if they are expected to follow-up on reports of harassment.
  • Workplace Violence. Employers need to provide information and instruction that prepares employees to respond to violence in the workplace. This includes knowing what measures are in place to prevent violence, how to summon assistance, how to report incidents, and understand how employers will respond to these reports.
  • WHIMIS. Workplace Hazardous Management Information System (WHIMIS) training prepares employers and workers to safely deal with hazardous materials they may encounter in the workplace. Most employers in Ontario must provide this training.
  • AODA. The Accessibility for Ontario Disability Act (AODA) prompted employers to become more accessible. Part of this program requires workplaces to train employees how to serve customers of all abilities and to become familiar with accessibility laws.
  • WSIB: Return to Work Program. Reintegration programs allow injured or ill workers to return to work if their condition permits. Training programs prepare employees and supervisors on their rights, responsibilities and expectations should an injury occur in the workplace. This training includes separate training for employees and supervisors and aimed at reducing costs related to a work-related injury.
  • PHIPA. The healthcare industry has its own specific regulations governed by the Personal Health Information Act, for which our team can provide training and policy development.   Call HR Enable to learn more about our services related to PHIPA.

Other Training Courses available:

  • Working at Heights CPO Approved Certification
  • Working at Heights CPO Approved Certification
  • Power Elevating Work Platform
  • Forklift Truck Operation
  • Supervisor Competency Training
  • Ladder Safety
  • Certificate of Driver Training Waste Management Systems
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Scaffold Safety

Please call HR Enable for more information on any of the training listed.  Note, some training programs are required to be delivered in-class.


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