Termination of employment is the end of an employee’s duration with the employer and can occur for various reasons such as resignations, workforce reductions, dismissal, retirement or even death. Dismissal (involuntary termination) can occur on the bases of unsatisfactory performance, misconduct, incapability/lack of qualifications or job changes/elimination.

An employer may end the employment relationship for just cause (firing) where no notice or pay is required in lieu of notice or unjust cause (without reason) where sufficient working notice or pay in lieu of notice must be provided according the employment legislation and/or the Common Law.

Employers are advised to handle each termination carefully and take into consideration the circumstances to avoid potential litigation or fines.

HR Enable has the experience in of providing this service which can minimize your risk and can assist you with the termination of an employee. We also provide services to conduct terminations on client sites.

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